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Boston Early Music Festival 2021 – Virtual Offerings

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I’ve been attending BEMF events for many years, but often it’s been concerts outside of the June festival schedule, or one or two performances in June as time has allowed.  Since I moved to Connecticut over 16 years ago, I haven’t been able to attend as many events in Boston as I would like.

One of the nice (?) things about the pandemic is that it pushed a lot of organizations into thinking creatively about product and service delivery, and BEMF has done a terrific job adapting in the time of COVID.  They are offering a subscription to all 16 paid festival events for $150!  I’m tempted to purchase it, even if I don’t get to watch everything, to support the festival.  We saw Jordi Savall in 2012 and I think I probably paid that much for 2 tickets (totally worth it!)

A fringe concert series is being offered as well and that is entirely free and available online through the end of September.

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